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2021. 09. 21. - 23:20
I am inspired by the organizers and grateful to them because they ensured every detail was in place. It was indeed a herculean task to organize the Congress – varied and multiple programs and venues, diverse nationalities, different age-groups, etc. … and the experiences from this excellently organized event are going to remain as yet another legacy to the already deeply spiritual heritage that the Hungarian Saints (right from kings and queens) and Hungarian Christians have persevered down the ages. A special experience was to see the numerous Hungarian volunteers, scouts, and organizers who served so gracefully, were very friendly, and conveyed a very good image of Hungarians. Thank you for your example.

My IEC 2020 ended with very kind memories of Hungarians - a very long and warm hug by a senior Hungarian volunteer (Lakos Ildikó) who expressed so much care, warmth and love, a warm interaction with the inspiringly active Overall Co-ordinator (Zsuffa Tünde) and a Hungarian priest (Father Nicola) who amidst his hectic schedule, went out of his way to take the trouble to reach me in his car, to a far-away parish, to lodge before the day I could leave (after he knew I had no place to stay that evening before my scheduled flight for the next day) … these and other Hungarians personified the motto and ideals of the Congress. Grazie mille!

Adrian Fernandes

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Dr. Meenakshi GhoshDr. Meenakshi Ghosh

2021. 09. 21. - 20:56

God's love is infinite. Yes, myself and all those present at this historical event have felt it. It 's a food for our souls. Atleast mine feels like it's been nurtured and green again. I feel the peace in my heart and the love which spread all around us. A blessing that the Almighty showered on all of us a feast of happiness.
The mass, the music, the testimonies the candle light March the hymns. Gods presence was felt everywhere I am so grateful to my Lord and Mother Mary that I could see and feel this happiness. It was Christmas for me.

I have no words to pen down my feelings. Just thank the Almighty Jesus that I was there. Our dear Holy Father Pope Francis my Lord bless him and keep him with us for long. It was a sight and feeling that will accompany me to my very last.

Finally, I wish to thank all the members of the organsing committee, the volunteers, and every single person who made this wonderful ocassion happen and remain in our memories for ages.
Thank you Lord for this great love that you have for me and us all.

God bless us all!

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