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2021. 10. 22. - 19:04

IEC 2020 is a powerful expression to experience the glory of communion with Christ. It is illustrative of our immersion to both spiritual and cultural higjlights Hungary has to offer.
From all the priests, pilgrims, volunteers,organizers, speakers , events and venues, one can experience Jesus in Budapest. Our journey of 9,875 miles to IEC was full of challenges. Coming from Philippines and being the only 2 layman attendees, my wife and I were faced with hindrances: Travel restrictions are always changing and uncertain. Sept.4 is our departure and Travel Visa arrived Sept.2. Then on departure, my RTPCR result arrived 30 mins before check-in gates closes. Then after boarding the airplane,when we thought everthing is ok, 3 airport personnel showed, approached us and again demanded documents supporting our travel, only after we showed the Police Clearance issued by Hungary Police that they finally walked out of the plane.
Upon arrival to Hungary, we are still to hurdle the thought of mandatory quarantine but when we approached the immigration, not a single question was asked and no mentioned of quarantine as well! God indeed works in mysterious ways. He ordains and he sustains!
All of the hindrances were replaced with much anticipation for the days to come. Registration was a breeze, the wristband given proved to be of great help going to diffrent venues. The opening mass offered us a renewed spirit. The daily masses at Hungexpo provided us with spiritual nourishments and the afternoon sessions were full of encouraging and enlightening talks. The Byzantine liturgy and the adoration of the host intensified our yearning for His presence.
Everyone felt the triumph of the Lord in the candle procession as we raised our voices and joined the singing and prayers.
The arrival of His Holiness the Pope in the closing mass is the ultimate experience of all. Seeing him in person is so humbling and listening to his homily is challenging yet transforming. He encouraged me to bring joy to others.
Summing up IEC 2020, I can say it was really a Divine appointment for me and my wife with Christ.

Percival M Escarda

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2021. 10. 17. - 19:00

Thank you very much for opportunity to participate in Holy mass with Pope. It was very impresive and a big blesing.

Best regards,

Vita Jirgensone

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Fr. John

2021. 10. 17. - 14:50

Greetings Team,

Am Fr. John Bosco Sserumaga from Uganda. I personally attended the congress.
I was so blessed by the Masses, and the various sharings, catechesis and testimonies, may the name of the Lord be Praised.
The organization was awesome, the volunteers amazing and the whole occasion I felt was Spirit filled.
I Was so grateful for the transport arrangement throughout the Congress, it was really a great help and the meals, awesome.
God Bless you!
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2021. 10. 16. - 15:25

I was convinced the very first day, that what happened - Jesus has offered himself for us, because He is the Absolute Love and He could not do it in a different manner. I felt "I could catch God in activity in my heart". When I went to take the body of Jesus Christ I tried to smile. I think we are too serious when we should be happy to participate at this marvelous act. We Hungarians call our brothers and sisters as "Testvér" that means "Body Blood" as we take the Body of Jesus Christ and we drink his Blood, we are "Body Blood" in Jesus Christ.

B.Nagy Jànos

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2021. 10. 15. - 14:47

Thanks a lot for all your hard work. It was great to be there. God bless you all.

+ David Tencer, ofmcap
Bishop of Reykjavik
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Gabor Bozsai

2021. 09. 28. - 12:06

As a retired acolitus of the Diocese of Vác, I served as a communion at the open-air and HUNGEXPO Masses of IEC. My most important experience was to recognize the special spirituality: after extremely thorough preparatory work and careful organization, the atmosphere of brotherhood and friendship was felt throughout the congress and the related Ars Sacra Festival. We only owe thanks to the hundreds of volunteer organizers and field helpers: without their dedicated work would not have been such a successful event of 52nd IEC. It was an important experience for me to have a clear harmony between the different denominations under the "umbrella" of the Eucharist. Only the devoted love of Christ can achieve this, it was a happy feeling to live together in the great "family" on these days. I would particularly like to highlight the Byzantine Rite (Greek Catholic) Divine Liturgy, whose almost TACTILE warmth had an elemental effect on me. We have something to learn from our Greek Catholic brothers... Based on my original profession (environmental health analytical chemistry), I paid special attention to the lectures of the Hungarian NAPHINMUSZ (SUN-HYMN) Creation Protection Association and the international LAUDATO SI movement during the afternoon faculty on Sept. 9. It would be a great pleasure for me if the pdf version of these presentations prepared by scientific means were made available by the rapporteurs. From these lectures I have experienced that the construction of the soul (preparing it for eternity) is not enough: we must also seriously address the environment serving the earthly body - unfortunately, there is a great deal of destruction - we must also care much more about this "temple". Finally, I would like to report on a personal "miracle": during the lunch break of congress on Friday, I was found by a Maltese young man in the dining room, with whom we quickly became friends. I invited him to the closing concert of the Ars Sacra Fest to the Church of the Holy Angels in Budapest. In the chapel "Pio" I received the divine "invitation" to participate in the Eternal Worship Service, which means the "sacrifice" of a few free hours a week. All in all, I have experienced the eight HAPPIEST days of 73 years of my life during this , which is such a wonderful gift and grace on the part of the Lord that I owe Him gratitude and thanks while I live. Soli Deo Gloria!

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2021. 09. 27. - 16:00

“Veni Sancte Spiritus!

It has been an enormous gift and blessing to participate in the 52nd International Eucharistic Congress. Although kids, parents, and grandparents all experienced “Sancte Spiritus” in very different ways, one was certain: we all felt the presence of Jesus and great love & blessing that was among us. When I looked around, I saw kids with bright eyes, parents who loved & took care of them, respect in elderly people’s eyes and the untouchable love of Jesus. I was proud that my kids, my wife and I belong to this “family”.

I am proud of my country for organizing such a great series of events. I am proud that something beautiful materialized through great efforts of those who organized the event, who helped or volunteered, sang touching songs as beautifully as I have never heard in my life. Not to forget those, us, who prayed every Sunday at least for the success of the conference.

I am thankful for what I could take away. Walking and singing through Andrassy Street with thousands of people (I hear 300 thousand!) was a gift for ever. Seeing the realization in the spectators’ eyes (those who just randomly bumped into a crowd) that they see something beautiful; seeing them join elevated my heart and hopes that there is great future for us, for those who believe in God. It can turn life to something more precious, that I want to pass on to my children and their children.

I am grateful for Pope Francis to come to Hungary. His presence gives us hope.

“Misericordias Domini in aeternum cantabo”

Thank you!

Andras Ekler

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2021. 09. 27. - 12:25

Thank You!

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Dr. Meenakshi Ghosh

2021. 09. 26. - 18:04

Thank you for this wonderful opportunity. I look forward to sharing my thoughts and experiences with you all.
All I can say is that I have no words to express myself. It was an experience that nurtured my soul and filled it with joy, happiness, peace and love.
I never had attended such a gathering where although we all came from different parts of the world yet we were there as a big family.
The mass, the music, the candle light March all bound us together in a sea of love which I am sure was blessed from above by our Father in Heaven.
It was Christmas for me. Being a part of this 52nd Eucharistic Congress was the biggest blessing.
Here, I would like to thank all the organizers and volunteers and every one who made this ocassion to remain in our memories for years ahead.
Celebrating Mass with our Holiness Pope Francis, feeling his presence and seeing him wave to us one could feel the atmosphere of love and compassion. I had tears of joy and had goose bumps.
I wish my God parents were here today. My Godfather Professor Béla Mess and his dear wife Dr. Mezey Klára always asked me "I hope you don't regret that I brought you to my group in Hungary". So far away from home
My answer to him had always been No. For God knows what is good for me. "
I wish they were with me today so that I could narrate to them and thank him too.
Finally, I thank Almighty Father and Mother Mary for showering upon us all their blessings and making this historic event a great success.

Dr. Meenakshi Ghosh

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2021. 09. 23. - 07:14

I had been a volunteer on IEC2021. We found a phone which was opened, without security code. I found a home number and gmail app on it. I left message on the home number somewhere Canada, I called the last call, where I could reach a lady, and ask her to inform Jocelyne, we have found her phone. I have sent email to her gmail address, with the hope, she can write it on pc, laptop.......... Next day, when they come back to the Hungexpo, and found me. We were happy, after this every day they come, and ask where they go, where can found thinghs in the City. On the last mass I was volunteer at R3 sector, and this kind ladies found me. We made selfie. It was a great blessing to be there as a volunteer, and found nice people. It will be beautiful memory, Thanks God!

Botond Forgács

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